Trustee Publications

Vision 2028 Initial Framework4 MB
New Jersey's Community Facts at a Glance440 KB
NJ Council of County Colleges Strategic Plan 2018-20222 MB
NJCCC Trustee Manual3 MB
New Jersey & Texas ACCT Student Success Presentation PowerPoint - 10/22/143.6 MB
Access to Student Success Brochure4.34 MB
ACCT Student Success Policy Action Agenda459 KB
20 Essential Questions Every Board Member Must Answer312 KB
Community College Trustee Appointment Guidelines20 KB
Community College Trustees Board Roles and Responsibilities16 KB
New Community College Trustee Learning Guide20 KB
Return on Investment2.3 MB
Community College Trustees Standards of Good Practice8 KB
Top Ten Reasons Why Community Colleges Are America's Premier Institutions For the 21st Century704 KB
Welcome to the Board: A Manual for New Jersey Community College Trustees 201060 KB
Eight Key Principles for Community College Trustees7 KB
New Jersey's Community Colleges: A New Jersey Success Story106 KB
Reimagining our Model to Focus on Completion by Dr. Rob Johnstone PowerPoint5.7 MB
The Economics of Innovation by Dr. Rob Johnstone PowerPoint3.2 MB