We Raise NJ and NJ Department of Education Announce Pledge to Parents

We Raise NJ, a broad coalition created to help parents raise student achievement, and the New Jersey Department of Education announced a pledge to parents regarding state tests.

The pledge outlines the joint commitment of the coalition and the department toward better assessments that align with high quality academic standards. The seven principles of the pledge call for smarter, more effective statewide testing as well as the support needed to realize that goal.

“We want to create a real dialogue across the state about the role standardized testing should play in our schools,” said Debbie Tyrrell, president of the New Jersey PTA. “Schools and parents should talk about the ways they are helping children transition to the new assessments.”

The New Jersey PTA formed We Raise NJ in collaboration with other organizations to constructively engage parents during this important time for students. The coalition drafted the pledge and enlisted the support of the Department of Education.

“New Jersey is a national leader in education,” said David C. Hespe, New Jersey’s Commissioner of Education. “I commend the education and community leaders of the coalition for reinforcing our commitment to providing students with the best possible education using the best available resources.”

Earlier this week, We Raise NJ launched Best Foot Forward to address the growing number of questions from parents about the PARCC assessments and to help parents make informed decisions about how to best support their children during testing season. In addition to the resources on the website, the initiative features weekly text messages, a blog and a brief video, which provide parents important information during testing season.

About We Raise NJ

We Raise NJ is a broad coalition led by the New Jersey PTA that supports parents in navigating recent changes to our childrens education. The coalition aims to elevate parent engagement iorder to advance the state of education in New Jersey and ensure more successful futures for our students. For more information on the coalition’s initiatives, visit www.bestfootforwardnj.org.

Coalition members

New Jersey PTA

New Jersey Association of School Administrators

New Jersey Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

New Jersey Council of County Colleges

New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

Garden State Coalition of Schools


New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association

New Jersey School Boards Association



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