Study Finds New Jersey Community Colleges Help Students Save the Most Tuition Money in the Nation

New Jersey community colleges save students earning a bachelor’s degree the most tuition money in the nation, according to a study recently released by Student Loan Hero.

On national average, community college students save $11,377 on 60 credits, the equivalent of a two-year program. Students in New Jersey who choose to attend a community college and then transfer to a four-year college or university save $20,993 on the cost of 60 credits.

To calculate these data, Student Loan Hero researched college credit costs across the nation and compared the cost of 60 credits at a two-year public college to a four-year public college. Most public two-year colleges are 60 percent more affordable than public four-year colleges, but New Jersey community college tuition is approximately 70 percent less than its counterpart.

Student Loan Hero reported that credit cost at four-year public colleges in New Jersey is the third-highest in the nation at $519 on average per credit. Attending a New Jersey community college costs $169 on average per credit, saving students $350 for each credit and creating the biggest dollar-cost tuition difference in the U.S.

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